Office of Sponsored Programs
The Ohio State University

Financial Statements

The Office of Sponsored Programs maintains detailed fiscal records for all sponsored projects in accordance with the requirements of the sponsor agreement. Each month the Office of Sponsored Programs provides detailed financial statements to each Principal Investigator giving the current status of project budgets, expenditures, commitments, and balances via the PI Portal. In addition to the monthly financials, the PI Portal provides up to date financial information for the Principal Investigator in a management format. Project Financial Statements include: project financial summary, detail of expenses, project stores expenses, project demurrage expenses, details of commitments (PO-related), detail of payroll expenses, detail of payroll commitments, and detail of G/L commitments (human subject, imprest, and subaward advances).

Month End Financial Statements are generally available on the PI Portal by the 7th workday of each month and an email notification is sent as a reminder to all PI’s.