Office of Sponsored Programs
The Ohio State University

Preparing the Statement of Work

The following steps should be followed at the initiation of the project or prior to the commencement of work by the subcontractor:

Step 1. Request a subaward supplier contract in Workday.
Be sure you know the subcontractor’s contact information before making the request in Workday; this should be the person at the subaward institution administratively responsible for the subcontract; this may not be the same person as the program contact.

Step 2. Include a clear and concise “Statement of Work” with the “Request for Subcontract” request.
The “Statement of Work” is a document that lists and describes all essential and technical requirements for the effort to be performed, including standards to determine whether the requirements have been met. This document must include a detailed budget and may include the following items where appropriate:

  • Objective or purpose
  • Period of performance
  • A general description of the actions to be performed by the subcontractor and the expected results
  • A list of detailed work requirements. List tasks and what is expected. This should provide both technical and performance specifications.
  • Performance, quality and timeliness requirements. This includes required or acceptable levels of performance on each specific task measured in terms of accuracy, response time, and speed.
  • Workload requirements. A description of levels or size of contractual effort.
  • Personnel requirements. Minimum qualifications or skill levels expected in the contractor’s staffing.
  • Government-furnished equipment and other resources to be furnished to the subcontractor.
  • Reporting requirements. Describe any reports to be submitted by the contractor to show progress.

Documentation may be needed that quotes from alternative vendors have been obtained or that a sole source justification form has been completed.

Step 3. When you submit the request for a subaward supplier contract, the request will workflow in the system first to the PI to approve, and then  to a Office of Sponsored Programs sponsored program officer.
At this point, the sponsored program officer will prepare a subcontract with appropriate terms and conditions and send it to the subcontractor for review and signature. Upon receipt of the returned subcontracts, a supplier contract will be issued to the subcontractor against which project related costs may be billed.

The principal investigator will be responsible for monitoring the technical performance of the subcontractor, verifying that required cost sharing is properly documented, and approving the invoices for payment. If any dispute over performance of the agreed statement of work arises during the progress of the project, the investigator should promptly notify his or her sponsored program officer.

Contact your Office of Sponsored Programs sponsored program officer if any of the following situations arise:

  • The subcontractor needs additional time or funds.
  • Work is completed prior to the agreed completion date and the subcontract needs to be terminated.
  • The scope of work needs modification.
  • The subcontractor principal investigator has changed.
  • The subcontractor is unable to complete the statement of work, or the subcontract should be terminated for any reason.

Appropriate action will be taken by the sponsored program officer in the form of an amendment or termination letter as appropriate.