Office of Sponsored Programs
The Ohio State University

Post Travel Procedures

After the trip is complete, the traveler submits all original receipts to their travel arranger/payment requestor. The eTravel System is then used to process the payment request.

  • Receipts
    Original, itemized receipts are required. These must be attached to the etravel payment request form.
  • Per diem
    Receipts for individual meals are not required when requesting the per diem. Please review the per diem guidelines carefully to determine the amount that can be reimbursed.
  • Personal Auto
    Mileage will be reimbursed at the current approved rate.
  • Business Meals
    • Submit a Business Meals Documentation For Sponsored Projects form along with your reimbursement request
    • Itemized original receipts required
    • A list of attendees that includes at least one non-employee
    • The amount to be reimbursed is listed under “MISCELLANEOUS TRAVEL EXPENSES”
  • Traveling with a “significant other” and/or family members
    Travelers can be reimbursed for the single room rate only unless the other party is a university employee on authorized travel. If the lodging receipt states more than one-person occupancy, indicate the single room rate on the receipt.

After printing the etravel payment request form, the travel arranger obtains the traveler’s signature and submits the payment request form to the department’s travel approver for review and approval. Once approved, the etravel payment request form, including receipts and other documentation, is sent to the OSP Travel Office for payment.

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