Office of Sponsored Programs
The Ohio State University

eTravel System Roles and Responsibilities

Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators may initiate their own travel request in the eTravel System and can email a link to their department’s travel arranger when assistance is necessary. However, your college should communicate when the time is right to start using this feature since the system implementation is coordinated by the senior fiscal officer. PIs may contact their department’s travel arranger to process travel requests on their behalf.

To enter a travel request, PIs need to know:

  • Business purpose of the trip
  • Where and when traveler will be traveling
  • OSP Project number to charge travel expenses

PIs are responsible for ensuring:

  • travel requests are in compliance with the sponsor’s guidelines,
  • there are adequate funds available from the sponsored project to cover the costs, and
  • the proposed travel is allowable and allocable to the project being used to pay for the expense.

The department’s travel approver is responsible for approving all departmental and sponsored programs travel requests/payments prior to submission to the Office of Sponsored Programs Travel Office.

Travelers are Ohio State faculty and staff who can enter their own travel requests; non-employees do not have access to the eTravel System. If the traveler does not know all of the details needed on the travel request form, they can email a link of their travel request to their department’s travel arranger for completion from the eTravel System. Travelers also have inquiry access (ability to look up the status of a payment request) to view their travel-related payment requests. It is recommended that travelers include as much lead time as possible in order to process the request.

Individuals may complete the optional “Traveler Training” or “Travel Portal and Search Tool” courses available on Carmen.

Travel arrangers

Travel arrangers can enter travel requests for Ohio State faculty and staff, including students and guests. Arrangers must have security access to at least one Org (Organization) in the ChartField used in the travel request. Arrangers may also have the payment requestor role.
To enter a travel request, you need to know:

  • Business purpose of the trip
  • Where and when traveler will be traveling
  • Estimated costs of the trip, including any payments by a third party
  • ChartField to charge travel expenses

Comments and attachments can be uploaded to the eTravel System to provide additional information to approvers, such as registration forms, conference brochures, and price quotes.

Travel arrangers/payment requestors must complete the required “Travel Arranger Training” course available on Carmen.

Travel/payment approvers approve travel requests for Orgs to which they have been given security access. Travel approvers must complete the required “Travel Approver Training” course available on Carmen.

Payment requestors can enter travel-related payment requests. They must have security access for at least one Org in the payment request. Payment requestors may also have the travel arranger role.

All payments related to a T Number can be viewed in the travel system, even if they are entered directly in the Financials System, such as wire transfers. This can help to track all of the payment requests for a particular trip and better track the total cost of the trip.

To enter a travel-related payment request, you need to know:

  • Which trip the payment request is associated; include T number
  • Type of payment (reimbursement, cash advance, etc.)
  • Payee
  • Payment description, amounts, and ChartField

Payment requestors may also use comments and upload attachments to the eTravel System to provide additional information, such as registration forms, conference brochures, and invoices. Original documentation related to the payment request should be sent to the payment approver for the first Org in the ChartField line or distribution. The eTravel System requires that the OSP project ChartField is listed first to process split-funded payment requests.

Office of Sponsored Programs Travel Office

Office of Sponsored Programs Travel Office is responsible for the final approval in the travel request and payment request process. The OSP Travel Office screens the request for allowability in accordance with sponsor requirements and budget availability.

After the travel has been completed and reimbursement is being requested, original receipts and other documentation must be attached the eTravel payment request form, including the traveler’s signature, and submitted to the department’s travel arranger for subsequent submission to the OSP Travel Office for reimbursement. The OSP maintains these records to support sponsor billings.

The senior fiscal officer assigns eTravel System security roles. If you think you do not have the correct role or security access contact your college’s senior fiscal officer or follow the system access procedures.