Office of Sponsored Programs
The Ohio State University


Travel plays an important role in many research projects. This resource provides helpful guidance to faculty and staff on the best (and easiest) way to plan travel and to be reimbursed for associated costs.

Contact Jared Heeter, OSP travel administrator, 614-292-2126 or email with any questions.

Policy Matters

All travel by faculty, staff, students, and guests utilizing sponsored program funds administered through the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) must be pre-approved and processed by the OSP Travel Office.

  • Check the terms and conditions of the grant you will be using to make sure you understand what the sponsor requires for project-related travel
  • All university travel, including sponsored programs travel, must adhere to the university’s travel policy except where sponsor requirements differ
  • Access the eTravel System.

General Travel Considerations

Below are some general considerations regarding project-related travel that should be reviewed before you begin to make travel arrangements.

Approvals for travel may take time, especially for international travel. Please provide the Office of Sponsored Programs with as much lead time as possible.

Ensure that your travel will be allowed

  • Does the project permit travel?
  • Are there any restrictions on travel, especially foreign travel?
  • Is there money available?
  • Does the travel take place between the project start and end date?

Is the traveler a non-US citizen?

There may be additional requirements associated with non-U.S. citizen travel, contact the OSP Travel Office for assistance.

Will you be traveling internationally by air?

Please review the guidelines for international air travel before making any plans. Federally–funded travel requires the use of U.S. Flag carriers.

Also, individuals traveling internationally on university business need to be aware that export control restrictions may apply depending on the travel destination. Traveling internationally with certain types of personal items, information, or equipment (including but not limited to laptops, web-enabled cell phones, GPS units, scientific equipment and controlled, proprietary or unpublished research data) may require that an export license or other governmental approval be obtained before you depart.