Office of Sponsored Programs
The Ohio State University

Proposal Checklist

Please ensure that all of the following are available for sponsored program officer review when requesting institutional signature on a proposal.

  • Completed and fully approved Authorization to Seek Off-Campus Funding form (ePA-005) that documents the following:
    • commitments of cost sharing or matching funds from the college and department
    • commitment for cost sharing or matching funds from the Ohio Board of Regents Action Fund (if applicable)
    • commitment from the chairperson and dean regarding additional space, if needed
  • Human subjects and/or animal use protocols submitted to the Office of Responsible Research Practices.
    • Protocol approval dates (if required and available) noted on the proposal and the ePA-005 form.
    • A grant congruency review is required for animal use protocols.
  • A subcontracting plan and/or cost analysis (if required). Office of Sponsored Programs will assist in preparing these plans.
  • Appropriate letters of commitment from subcontractors included in the proposal along with their signed cover pages, budgets, and checklists, if required.
  • A letter granting principal investigator (PI) status on file at the Office of Sponsored Programs, if the principal investigator PI is not a regular faculty member.
  • A signed PI transmittal letter included with the proposal, if appropriate. Such letters are particularly useful for requesting a specific study section or nominating reviewers.
  • All sponsor forms, except certifications and assurances, typed and complete.
  • Proposal cover page complete and signed by PI, if required. Office of Sponsored Programs provides institutional signature(s).
  • All required certification and assurance forms available for the Office of Sponsored Programs to complete and sign.
  • Page numbered proposal and the complete table of contents. Text meets sponsor requirements, e.g., font, margins, page limits, etc.
  • Appropriately identified appendices having a table of contents, if applicable.