Office of Sponsored Programs
The Ohio State University

Salary Costs

Types of personnel frequently involved in projects include:

  • faculty members, academic year and off-duty appointments
  • research assistants and associates
  • postdoctoral associates
  • graduate associates
  • undergraduate assistants
  • technicians and other support personnel
  • interviewers and evaluators

For each person involved in the project, list name (if known), position and percentage of time on the project. Include annual salary increases, effective each September 1.

When projects are charged for personnel salaries, the associated fringe benefits are also charged.

Academic Year Appointments/Off-Duty Pay
Funds to cover the cost of faculty and staff time spent on a project can be requested from most sponsors. When necessary, this cost can be contributed, with department concurrence. Always check sponsor policies about allowable personnel costs. Faculty members should check with their chairs for department policy.

During the academic year, when a faculty member is appointed to a project, the appropriate salary and fringe benefit amounts are charged to the project rather than to the usual university funding source.

Faculty with nine-month appointments may receive up to 3/9ths of their academic year salary during their off-duty periods, from university and/or external grant and contract funds.  The university funds portion cannot exceed 2/9 and the external funds portion cannot exceed 2.5/9 of base salary. It is expected that if three-ninths salary is received, the faculty member will spend three months on project supported activities. Time off for vacation is not paid.