Office of Sponsored Programs
The Ohio State University

Project Initiation

After a sponsored agreement has been accepted, the Office of Sponsored Programs assigns an award number and project number(s). The principal investigator is then responsible for initiating all project-related transactions, including submitting requisitions for any equipment, supplies, and services needed for the project. Staff is hired by requesting that the human resources professional in the principal investigator’s department enter the appropriate job description into the university’s Human Resources System for review and approval. The human resources professional will also enter appointments into the Human Resources System. The principal investigator and the human resources professional should work together to ensure that during the course of the project, personnel appointments are initiated in a timely manner and appropriately updated.

While the principal investigator is the initiator of all actions related to the sponsored project, the Office of Sponsored Programs, academic unit, and other university staff are available to provide assistance. If any administrative problems arise during the life of a sponsored research agreement, the principal investigator should contact his/her sponsored program officer as early as possible.