Office of Sponsored Programs
The Ohio State University

Reporting Laboratory Time Reports

A reporting laboratory represents a specific department or center at the university. The centers are funded mostly by grant money. The labs were established to allow for personnel working on multiple projects throughout the pay period and where the allocation of work was difficult to determine in advance. The original employee appointment is to the Reporting Lab chart field in the Human Resources System and the distribution to a project or university is processed monthly with a Personnel Expenditure Transfer (PET).

The personnel appointment for the reporting laboratory in the Human Resources System must include:

  • Org (the employee’s five-digit department number)
  • Fund (130217)
  • Project (will be blank)
  • Program (LABXX, with XX representing a valid reporting laboratory number (e.g. LAB01).

The Reporting Lab chart field fund 130217 is a clearing account for salaries, fringes, and tuition and fees. The employee charges posting to a lab must be transferred to the appropriate chart field monthly. If the transfers are not completed, the balances will be returned to the laboratory department or center.

Current Valid Reporting Labs

  • LAB01 Aeronautical & Astronautical Research Lab
  • LAB02 Electrical Engineering Lab
  • LAB05 Center for Mapping Lab
  • LAB06 National Regulatory Research Institute Lab
  • LAB07 Human Resource Research Lab
  • LAB08 Byrd Polar Research Center Lab
  • LAB14 ElectroScience Lab
  • LAB15 Materials Science Engineering Lab
  • LAB16 Gas Turbine Lab
  • LAB17 Clinical Pharmacology Lab
  • LAB22 Center for Education and Training Lab