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Update on Grants Shared Services Center Requisition Processing

Posted: March 15, 2021

The Grants Shared Services Center (GSSC) has cleared much of the initial requisition backlog and overall processing times have improved dramatically.  Overall average processing times have been reduced by approximately 80% in the last month.  Most transactions are now being processed within 1-2 business days, but we are continuing to deal with some backlog for lab supply requisitions.  While we work to continuously improve processing times, please be aware of the following actions you can take to help ensure your orders are processed faster:

Internal Orders

GSSC has prioritized processing of internal orders for same day processing.  Please be sure to select the correct internal supplier on your requisition so we can quickly identify your request as an internal order and expedite it.

Non-Catalog requisitions

Always use spend category SC99999 on Non-Catalog requisitions.  You don’t need to spend time trying to find the right spend category.  For Buckeye Buy orders, the correct spend category will pull from the catalog.  For Non-Catalog requests, GSSC has set up a triage to quickly review and assign the correct spend category for anything coded as SC99999.  For research, there is a tendency to code everything as Lab Supplies SC10413 which is bogging down that inbox.  By using SC99999 it will help expedite your orders, but it will also help lessen the backlog burden for everyone else and help us process everyone’s orders faster.  The use of SC99999 is detailed in the job aid for requisitions (

High Priority requisitions

Please DO select the High Priority checkbox for any urgent requests.  Please DO NOT select this checkbox for anything that is not urgent.  We are trying to prioritize these but we are finding that many requisitions marked High Priority are not and this makes it more difficult to identify and process those that are truly urgent.  Please DO email to prompt us to expedite anything that is truly urgent.

Business Purpose

Please provide as much detail as possible in the internal memo field to support the business purpose, especially for general purpose items.  The more detailed business purpose, the easier it is for our team and/or the SPO to determine allowability of the purchase without having to come back to you for additional information.

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