Office of Sponsored Programs
The Ohio State University

Procedure for Choosing Candidate

Part I

Announcing the funding opportunity to the campus community

An email will be sent to the College Research Officer (CRO) of each college that has been identified as possibly having individuals interested in applying for the funding opportunity. It is suggested that the CRO’s distribute to the appropriate members of their faculty.

This is in addition to “Funding Alerts” that individual faculty will receive based on their search criteria; the online Limited Submission database can also be referred to for information about upcoming limited submission programs.

Part II

Determining the Ohio State Candidate

  • If only one individual applies to be the internal candidate they will automatically be assigned as the Ohio State candidate.
  • If there are more internal applicants than the number of proposals that can be sent from Ohio State the following can occur:
    • If all internal applicants are from the same college the CRO of that college will be asked to choose an Ohio State candidate.
    • If the internal applicants are from more than one college:
      • A selection committee will be formed by the Office of Research. The committee will consist of at least 3 members and, if possible, will represent every applicant’s college.
      • An alternative, especially if this is a multi-disciplinary funding opportunity, will be to ask the applicants to meet together for the possibility of collaboration or of selection by the applicants themselves.
  • If it is determined that a selection committee is necessary, each candidate will be asked to provide a pre-proposal based on the sponsor guidelines, allowing equal comparison by the selection committee. Each applicant will also be asked to provide a current CV.

Part III

After the selection

  • The selected Ohio State candidate will be notified, along with their Office of Sponsored Programs Sponsored Program Officer.
  • The other applicants will be notified of the selected candidate with an offer of assistance from the Office of Funding and Research Development for finding other potential funding opportunities for their research needs.