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PI Portal News

New Required Training for PIs

Tue, 2nd August, 2016

A new training requirement will go into effect on October 1, 2016, that will impact your continued access to information in the PI Portal.

The Office of the CIO recently revised the Institutional Data Policy that classifies all university records and data as public, internal, private or restricted. Some data related to research grants falls into the restricted category—specifically voucher/invoice images displayed in the PI Portal and in the Subaward Invoice Approval (SIA) application. Additional controls will be required for access to restricted data, including completion of the university’s Institutional Data Policy Training.

What does this mean for you?

  • As of October 1, 2016, in accordance with university data security policy, access to voucher/invoice images will be removed in the PI Portal and SIA for all users pending completion of the required Institutional Data Policy Training.
  • In order to retain access to this information, all principal investigators must complete the online training by September 30, 2016. Instructions for enrolling in the training are available on the CIO’s website. The course and assessment will take about 40 minutes to complete.

It is important for you to retain access so that you can continue to review subaward invoices for payment approval (as required by the federal Uniform Guidance governing grants) and monitor expenditures on your awards.

Why is this necessary?

Cyber security is of increasing concern for universities. NBC reported last fall that from 2013 to 2015, 550 universities reported some kind of data breach, and in 2014, only the health care and retail sectors reported more security breaches than the education sector. These breaches result in violations of individual privacy, reputational damages and high financial cost, often in the multi-million dollar range. Universities may also face regulatory non-compliance penalties and civil litigation as the result of a breach.

If you have questions, please contact Christine Hamble at or 614-688-8734.

We very much appreciate your willingness to work with us and the Office of the CIO to ensure the safety and integrity of all data at Ohio State.

Category : General Information / PI Portal

Personnel Expenditure Transfers (PETs) Processed Nightly

Thu, 3rd July, 2008

Personnel Expenditure Transfers (PETs) are the mechanism by which effort (and associated salary) is transferred from one funding source to another. PETs can be from one university fund to another, between a university fund and a sponsored project, or from one sponsored project to another.

Beginning July 1st, 2008 PETs will, for the most part, be processed the day they are entered into the HR system and will show up in the General Ledger and on the PI Portal the following day.

However, because of the timing of processes in the payroll system, there are some days at the end of the month when PETs will not appear in the PI Portal.

As a result of this system enhancement, the PI Portal will provide more current payroll information, thereby helping investigators and their staff manage projects more effectively.

Category : General Information / PI Portal

PI Portal Enhancement

Tue, 12th July, 2005

The Personnel Tab on the PI Portal has been modified to show fringe benefit charges and commitments by person rather than by job category. We hope this change will help you better understand and manage the personnel costs on your projects. The benefit costs continue to be charged by job category. For the PI Portal we are simply calculating and displaying the charge by person, based on salary and job code (making sure that the sum of benefits by individual matches the sum of benefits by job category). In order that the Month-End Financial Statements (e-MEFS) continue to match the University’s General Ledger (the official book of record), e-MEFS will continue to show benefits by category. In the coming months we will be adding additional information to the personnel tab (e.g., commitment end dates, tuition and fee commitments, appointment %, etc.) However, we believe that the benefits by person is a significant enough improvement that we wanted to make it available now.

Category : Electronic Research Administration / General Information / PI Portal

New PI Portal

Thu, 1st January, 2004

The Research Foundation´s enhanced PI Portal has been officially launched. The new PI Portal has an extensible design to complement a variety of current and future enhancements related to our PeopleSoft conversion. The current enhancements include:

  • Upgraded navigational features
  • Easier access to Project Digest and Monthly Financials
  • Ability to customize and save Project and Proposal Summary pages
  • An alert feature that indicates when:
    • project is over
    • budget project is past defined end date
    • project is ending within 30 days
  • Improved e-mail capabilities
  • Ability to print to Excel or PDF
  • Descriptions that popup when cursor is held over a link

It is strongly recommended that you attend a training session to learn about the numerous PI Portal system enhancements.

Category : Electronic Research Administration / General Information / PI Portal