Office of Sponsored Programs
The Ohio State University

Subcontractor Selection

Subcontracts of $25,000 or more must be established through the competitive bidding process. Because it is generally necessary to flow down sponsor terms and conditions in all subcontracts, the standard subcontract terms and conditions should be included on solicitations so that mandatory government sponsor terms and conditions will be incorporated in the final purchase order and subcontract.

Soliciting bids for subcontracts requires special provisions, as listed below. To request bids appropriate for subsequent issuance of a subcontract and purchase order, principal investigators should submit all of the items listed below pertaining to their request. Their sponsored program officer will prepare a standard subcontract for inclusion in the request for quotation (RFQ).

These items should be provided by principal investigators to their sponsored program officer as part of the subcontract RFQ:

  • Completed “Request for Subcontract ” form (PR-033)
  • List of potential bidders including name, address, phone number
  • Pre-proposal conferences
    • List the time, date, and place of any planned meetings with potential suppliers to discuss RFQ requirements prior to the submission of the RFQ.
  • Transmittal letter containing the following information:
    • summary of solicitation requirements
    • technical contact and purchasing agent contact
    • effort to be performed and the performance period
    • instructions for submitting the bid (deadline date and time and address to where the bid should be sent)
    • proposal format and instructions for each proposal segment – management, technical, cost, and attachments. Specify any page limits.
    • Outline of appropriate factors to be addressed such as concept, organization, interface, or program review
  • Statement of work
  • Performance milestones or schedule of work to be performed
  • Inspection and acceptance conditions
  • Evaluation criteria
    • Bidders should always be informed of the criteria for evaluation and their order of importance.
  • List of attachments
  • Any other material deemed necessary to provide the subcontractor with complete information regarding the technical, managerial, financial, and reporting requirements they will be expected to meet

The principal investigator’s sponsored program officer will work with Office of Sponsored Programs Procurement to prepare the RFQ and submit it to potential bidders.